RaspberryPi PCB modules

I've taken the front and back RaspberryPi PCB photos from the wiki and 'combined' them with the schematics to make it easy to see which components on the PCB are used by which "module" (group of components) within the schematics. Some schematic modules don't have an obvious label, so I've used the module names from my schematics breakdown CSV file. Mouse-hover over each module name to get a (very) brief description. Thanks to jbeale for his suggestions on how to make this data more presentable, and thanks to HansH for pointing out I'd messed up the aspect ratio (now fixed). Thanks to meltwater for provinding the component front and back views of a production Raspberry Pi.
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If you want higher-resolution versions of any of these images, you can download my GIMP project source file (117 MB), containing many different layers.

PCB image
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USB Power Input BCM2835 IO1 LAN9512 ETH (EEPROM) BCM2835 JTAG BCM2835 DSI0
BCM2835 OSC BCM2835 IO2 BCM2835 USB BCM2835 HD BCM2835 SLIM
BCM2835 PWR1 GPIO Header LAN9512 USB BCM2835 CCPTX Specials
BCM2835 PWR2 BCM2835 DAC Status LEDs BCM2835 CAM0 All modules
BCM2835 SMPS Analogue audio out CSI-2 interface BCM2835 CAM1 Components
BCM2835 HDMI LAN9512 PSU DSI interface BCM2835 DSI1 Gerbers
PCB image

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